We are barentszen.

We inspire and connect people by creating unique experiences and adventures, such as sports or group travel, incentives, conferences, and events. We move people to provide lasting memories.

discover new frontiers

We are here to help you discover new frontiers and let you share your inspiration.

marathons international

Our strenght

Experiences and adventures create memories that will stay with you forever. They also motivate and energize you, making it easier to open up to and connect with others. This positive energy boosts your work, your life, and your studies. Subsequently, you pass this vibe on without even being aware of it.

At Barentszen, we are specialists in organizing unique experiences and discoveries. Using them correctly for your company can get your story across to individuals, groups, clients, or staff, inspiring and motivating them. Barentszen’s eight brands provide individual unique experiences for specific needs or collectively for grand discoveries.

Amsterdam light festival

continuous improvement

What makes us unique? Our professionals’ experience gained through all the commissions we have been asked to realize combined with our continuous search for something new. Specifically something creative and unique. We bank on the authenticity and resourcefulness of our people. We invest in offline innovations and online opportunities within our field and expand our knowledge and expertise unceasingly. This is the only way we can exceed your expectations.

”The Marathons International crew makes you feel like you have known them for years. This is mainly thanks to the personal approach. All I had to do was run 42 km and 195 m. Everything around it was top-notch!”

Ray uit Badhoevedorp

about barentszen

Dare to explore. Learn more about our organization. Discover what our shared mission entails and what each individual brand specializes in. Would you prefer to contact one of our staff members directly? Please call or email us today for more information. Which course would you like to sail?


Discover what our shared mission is all about and what each individual brand specializes in.


Discover what our shared mission is all about and what each individual brand specializes in.