We are ready to create a unique, customized experience for you. Just set the course, and we will build you a tailor-made ship. So sail with us, push your limits, and dare to explore.

pushing boundaries together takes you further

Not following an obligatory route. Instead, rely on your own exploration skills and believe that your ship does not necessarily have to pass the South Cape to reach your goal. Make maps of what you discover on your journey. That’s what Willem Barentsz did back in the sixteenth century. 

We know the name Willem Barentsz as a Dutch seafarer and explorer. As a merchant and scientist, he led several expeditions. His name is connected with the attempts to reach the Far East and Asia, traveling the northeastern route via Nova Zembla.

He was the one that led the expeditions, but what many do not know is that he did not travel alone. Jan Huygen van Linschoten, Cornelis Nay, and Jacob van Heemskerk, among others, accompanied him. They were responsible for the various strategies.

What explorers discovered centuries ago still holds true today. Together you can achieve more, go further, and push back frontiers. Literally and metaphorically.

alliance of forces


set your course

These explorers inspired our brands for travel, events, incentives, programs, and congresses (formerly under DRG) to join our forces.

Communal, economic, social, and climate issues demand adaptations from everyone. They require our organizations to change our course continuously. Individually, in partnerships, and as an entity.


creating your unique experiences

That is why everyone within an organization must be flexible and willing to learn from each other. We need to understand who excels in what and support and complement each other. We do that under the name Barentzsen. Providing you with unique experiences, so you can share the gained inspiration and connect with others is what drives us. Together, we offer you creative, innovative, and sustainable options.

Our brands retain their identity. We believe that the specialist is the best in his field. Yet, external insights bringing enrichment, and supporting each other gives body to extraordinary events.


 our brands:

The experienced professionals of our brands are experts in their field. Thanks to the Barentszen alliance, they know that (sports) travel, (cultural) events, incentives, conferences, etc., can be grander, more personal, sustainable, innovative, or simply different. Discover our brands: