Inspire and connect by creating unique experiences. Pass it on.


A bigger world

Experiences and adventures inspire and connect. Using such an experience or discovery in the right way helps companies convey their story to individuals, groups, customers, or staff while vitalizing and motivating them.

We believe that contributing to expanding the world or people’s worldview creates positive energy and indelible memories that create a snowball effect. An inspired person is not only more open to others and dares to connect more quickly but also passes on the energy out of gratitude.

That is why Barentszen moves people by letting them experience special events that leave lasting memories. Our eight brands provide a complete and unforgettable experience, separately or together.

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Our professionals

Barentszen constantly looks for opportunities to expand our knowledge and expertise to meet our client’s needs. We join forces by forming alliances. In addition, we invest in online options and ensure that our colleagues are always up to date about new developments in our field.

To do this, we cross borders of countries and continents, but also our resourcefulness and organizational strength. We ask our professionals to keep an eye on creativity, authenticity, and innovation and pay attention to sustainability. This is how we keep pushing our and your boundaries to exceed your expectations every time.


Barentszen is an alliance of eight brands that individually have a track record in organizing travel, incentives, conferences, events, and programs. We know each other well and are fully aware of who excels in what. We work on an individual basis or join forces to create the ultimate experience matching your needs.


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We offer unforgettable experiences using creativity and innovation.