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Today, traveling no longer means driving to the airport by car, boarding the plane, lying on a beach, visiting a market, and returning home. An event no longer consists of a stage with a series of artists and a large bar. A conference no longer means sitting and listening in the same chair for hours on end.

Barentszen offers so many incredible possibilities to customize an unforgettable incentive trip (far or near), create a happening or program (for your organization or your city), or organize an event (interactive and completely carefree). From a few hours to a month. From an individual or a small group of people to your entire organization. Involved, practical, relaxed, and as luxurious as you wish. Opening new horizons is not something you only do physically but also mentally.


production: brabant commemorates

Commissioned by the Association Crossroads Brabant ’40-’45, Artifex developed and produced the project “The Art of Freedom”, temporary art exhibitions of renowned artists at special war heritage sites throughout Brabant. All of Artifex’s expertise came together in this project, from fundraising and concept to planning, production, and strategic marketing communication.

gi travel


During this anniversary, all 500 employees left early in the morning from Amsterdam to Salzburg for a packed winter program. At our destination, the day began at the Christmas market with hot chocolate. After that, everyone was challenged during the genuine Winter Olympics in the mountains. Finally, we finished the day with some proper après-skiing, including a live performance by well-known Dutch singers.


the spacebuzz foundation

Have you ever heard of the “Overview Effect”? This is the unique feeling astronauts experience when they see our beautiful – but oh so fragile – planet from space. GI Travel is a proud partner of the SpaceBuzz Foundation. Together, we want to attract more ambassadors for Planet Earth. Would you like to know more about this project? Please get in touch with us via