Congress Creation is a professional congress organizer of inspiring live, online, and hybrid congresses and events for health professionals. We have a passion for event organization and love to work for an essential sector like the medical industry.

Where others see obstacles, we only think in opportunities

Having Congress Creation take care of your congress organization means taking advantage of great organizational strength, an extensive network of suppliers, and a creative and innovative digital approach. Events organized by Congress Creation always differ just a little bit from each other, thanks to our expertise in coordinating creative and innovative experiences. 

We believe in personal service and will always translate your personal wishes into a unique concept based on your wishes. Congress Creation takes work off your hands so you can focus on what is really important. We pay attention to details and have a focus on sustainability, keeping not only jumankind healthy but also our planet.



Congress Creation regularly cooperates with Artifex, GI Travel, and Holland Destination Management. Together, we form a cast-iron network of collaborative partners in the online and hybrid congress organization field, enabling us to offer you a complete service package within the medical industry.

“Travel industry association ANVR and GI Travel cooperate in organizing the networking event for the Dutch travel industry, held at a foreign destination every year. Organizing a conference involves much extra work, time, and expertise.

For the practical implementation of this annual event, ANVR has worked with GI Travel for years to full satisfaction. Also the participants praise GI Travel for its professionalism. Successful conferences have been held at the most diverse destinations, including Malta, Dresden, Cyprus, Abu Dhabi, Curacao, and Seville.


Raymond Borsboom

Raymond Borsboom


Raymond is a businessperson to the core. His event marketing agency Ois4 was at the forefront of the Dutch events sector’s professionalization, and he is one of the three founding fathers of the world-famous Amsterdam Light Festival. In 2006, he took over Artifex, which has had his full attention since 2019.